Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Velika

I've been wanting to post some pictures and an update on Velika the Hortaya Borzaya for awhile now but most days I am sewing or painting, drawing and sketching, gluing and assembling.... So by the time I get to thinking about pictures on the web, I am pretty well spent for the day.
I certainly do admire you all out there who get all your work done and find time to play hooky on the web. Guess I may always be a bit computer, social networking and who knows what else I'm behind on with the latest app - - illiterate. But I play catch up every now and then and do enjoy hearing from others with similar interests.
Right now I am literally waiting for the paint to dry on one of my pieces. So there's time to talk about Velika who now resides in beautiful Arizona!!! I am envious as they have way more beautiful cacti than around here and more warm weather. No I am not looking forward to winter! Even though it's wonderful today, about 80 degrees out. The cool nights say dismal cold is coming. Slightly cooler weather makes it great to get out with the dogs but wish it would just stay pleasant like this. Velika lives with CJ now and gets to go on fantastic, long hikes plus has been learning agility and trying out some lure-coursing as well!!! She certainly has the plush life now with so many toys to choose from and all the attention for herself. I am sooooo glad to see her sooooo very happy. And thanks to CJ for sharing these photos! (even though I am quite slow to finally post them)