Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bright Autumn with the puppies

These are some pictures of the puppies taken on a fine autumn day in late October. The weather
is clear and pleasantly warm with a cool nip in the air. The sun seems to shine even brighter than it did during the summer months, if that is possible.
First is a photo of their mom - Tadawelt. Then Redbear, who is the redest. He is a very handsome and somewhat serious fellow. Nizhoni - a dark sable; She is the most clever of the bunch and has the intelect and mischeviousness to already outwit me. Moonshadow, the sand color, is a bit more 'rolly-polly'. She and her sister love their endless games with each other.
She is also the largest pup in the litter. And Charlie, a lighter red, loves to explore anything new and the first to figure out how to jump up on the crate and over the "puppy fence" to go exploring in 'the big yard'.

-- Keep shining

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