Saturday, December 8, 2012

Well, I want to try and make a new post. I really find it hard to keep up with the online part of life quite often. It goes in cycles where I get on and catch up with things but then like some bit of housecleaning, I forget to maintain it. Kudos to all of you out there who are more organized than me in maintaining your blogs, websites and facebook entries. I chime in from time to time and endeavor to try once again to maintain it a bit more.   Here is a photo of Ananas  standing and Ultasila laying down after having a long run out on the land here. Both are available for adoption.
  Ananas is, in my opinion, excellent for breeding as she has both a good temperment and great hunting skills, as well as excellent phenotype and is a desert bred Azawakh from Mali.
I am working with an interested party already regarding Ananas, but want to make it more official and hopefully things will work and I can share about her new home.... hopefully.
  Ultasila is a great companion dog. She has been one of my father's main companions recently, but he is getting to be very old and caring for her may be just one too many as at this point it is for me.
I think she is a real sweetheart and she has trained extensively with me going to obedience classes and even a little agility and flyball!  She loves to "work", having done clicker training and learning 'targeting' with me. I think once she adapted to a new owner, which can and does take time with Azawakhs, that she would be very devoted and very receptive to participating in activities like agility or such things. She's been allowed to run on the land here and probably has chased her share of rabbits but she has not been handled as a serious hunting dog. I don't know if she would like lure coursing or not- haven't tried it. She is mostly a good companionable dog. The reason I have chosen to try and place her is because she has had some training and I think she would be a fine companion in a new home as well. There are a couple others I would like to place but they will take a commitment of more training and work as they are not as socialized as Ultasila is.
Breeding her is not a necessity to me. If someone may be interested in that, I am willing to consider it but mostly I think a good companion home is what I am hoping for her.
If you or someone you know may be interested in her or a couple other Azawakhs I am hoping to place, please feel free to contact me and I will try to answer your questions. Serious inquiries only please!    505-603-5830    Sometimes are better than others for talking, but you can send a text as a heads up and we will find a time to talk.   e-mail    

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