Friday, August 2, 2013

Well, I want to make the official announcement that the Tadawelt and Arakao breeding was definitely a success and Tadawelt is most certainly 'expecting'.... Her belly seems to swell with each passing day!   I expect her to deliver in a couple of weeks.  I am taking inquiries to puppy placements starting now, so if you are interested, please feel free to e-mail me:   or contact me via facebook and we can discuss further details in private.

I expect the litter to be all a shade of "red" that ranges from tan to orangey, all with white markings on feet and tail.  Arakao, the father of the litter has more extensive white markings on his front legs, Tadawelt less extensive. Arakao is a desert bred from the 2007 ABIS expedition. He came on board our travels when we reached Tin Akoff in Burkina Faso. He is a descendant of Ayad's dogs on his fathers side (including Taikousou, his grandmother or greatgrandmother and Azul,her grandson.Azul was said to be Arakao's father).Arakao's mother is Caramel, whom Dr.Werner Roeder picked up on a previous expedition, but due to EU regulations at the time, he was unable to bring her back with him.
He left her at Ayads home in Tin Akoff, and there she still was when our 2007 expedition came through.
Arakao has always been the kind of dog that never received any extra special attention and yet somehow came out to be totally dependable, perfectly reliable and completely undemanding. He is the kind you almost take for granted because he doesn't cause any trouble. He takes cues from the people around him easily and adapts to each new situation with ease. He is down right outgoing and extremely friendly!!!!  It wasn't me that did it, that's just how he is.  He loves being a town dog. He goes out within the small village of Madrid here and enjoys saying hello to shop keepers and tourists.
New people come over to the house here and he loves hanging out, getting all kings of petting and attention. I have never done any hard work to get him to be like this so I feel it is genetic, his friendliness. I am confident his puppies will also have these wonderful traits.

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