Sunday, August 25, 2013

About Arakao

The Tadawelt x Arakao litter was born August 17/18, 2013.  Just last week! Making them all of one week old. Yet they look bigger already and their color and size start to take on a little bit more personalized appearance. This litter has 5 males and 1 female in it.  I find the balance of it interesting as I guess I would have expected more than one female. Tadawelts first litter had two boys and two girls - right down the middle. So it is interesting with a completely different father - Arakao, who is quite the village dog here. I am hoping this means they will take after him in that he is a very easy-going fellow. That doesn't mean he is not an Azawakh but he is a very open-minded, and very gentle, extremely tolerant and yes, friendly Azawakh. I see how there can be a range of naturally occurring temperments and I do think his is one of them. He is the "essential village dog". His personality is exactly what drew him to my boyfriend, Billy, who's dog Arakao actually is.Billy is used to owning a more typical American dog. He is able to pretty much take him everywhere and anywhere.Billy has gone to a jobsite (rural area here) and let Arakao out and just let him hang around and meander at will.Other dogs and people may stop by and Arakao will go greet them, check them out and get some petting or play and then go about his own thing - no worries. This is an intact male! We house-sat and Arakao would hang outside with the mans mixed breed and run around the land with the neighbors 3 dogs too. Here in town we go up to Billy's father place and Arakao hangs out with Roscoe the pitbull - another intact male by the way.
He is just a natural dog with no big attitude that gets along with everybody and pretty well fits in just like any other "Madrid mutt" that is more typically found around here. I don't think this is untypical Azawakh behavior. I think he actually does represent a lot of village dogs in Africa - being able to handle the flow of village life and is not high-strung or sharp. He could handle the village boys playing and rough-housing and if it got too much get up and leave. I think he also demonstrates just how well Azawakh can get along with other dogs and groups of dogs and how well males can get along with other males.  I truly hope the males in this litter will take after him and find loving homes where these traits will be cherished and appreciated.

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