Wednesday, September 25, 2013

About Individual Pups

Arakao and Tadawelts puppies are growing fast!  In those first few weeks things seem to pass more slowly, they spend most of their time with their mama and they are cute and sleepy. Now they are ready to bust out and see the world! Explorations of the wider world at large, like the rest of the apartment  !  and the backyard  !   are big amazing steps full of wonder and surprise at every turn.
Here is the entire crowd below -

Rojo Negro or Rojo for short - is a male, the darkest in the litter with a bit of a black mask. He is lightening up as he gets bigger but will still be a nice red color
He didn't want to take many pics yesterday, kept running around with more important things to do. He is very sweet, likes to be picked up and get his lovings, cuddle and also enjoys playing and romping with the rest of the gang.

"The Girl" - I've named her Arabella - it just completely fits her!  She is super sweet and loving - she will just stand there with this look in her eyes, pleading to be picked up. Then when you do, she gives kisses and her tail starts going crazy. She also likes to explore and is very intelligent! She is always the first one to figure out how to get out of the play area and into the rest of the house. And she'll do it super stealth too! Intelligent and a real sweetheart.

The next male is Simeon, who is a balanced adjustable sort of guy. He seems very well rounded. He likes to do it all, likes attention, exploring and play but overall isn't too demanding either. He is a nice, flexible guy.

Then we have Seeker.  He is a male who seems more reserved about life in general. It's almost as if he was reincarnated in this puppy body and he knows it. He will sit and watch sometimes as all the other puppies play or just sit and observe the people and their activities - almost as if comparing mental notes from what he remembers. He also will just sit in our laps or next to us on the couch and be content to simply watch.

Aljeron is the third male with a white nose, the most white on his nose I think and a white blaze. He also has larger white socks on his front legs than any of the others.  He is very inquisitive and possesses an intelligence that leads him to try out new things. He likes to get attention and verbally seeks it out more often. He seems fairly outgoing and wants to check out his new world.

Then at last we have Sandman. He is a tannish sand colored male. He is very vibrant! Always full of energy and wanting to play and roughhouse several puppies at once. He also likes getting loads of attention from people. He is super enthusiastic and seems to really enjoy any interactions he can get.
My pictures don't do justice to what his personality really is like most of the time.

So that is the entire litter.  Please e-mail me if you are interested in a particular one. Some individuals may be in the process of being reserved so be in touch about which one might be the best fit for you!